Frequently Asked Questions

Frequent Questions and Answers

Why I Cannot Register?

please check if any input field is wrong . If there is any problem, feel free to contact or telegram.

How Coins is charged?

1 Coins is deducted for every prediction match. Pricing can be referred at shop here

Is it free signup?

It is currently Free X Coins for New Sign Up

How do i top up Coins ?

After buy Coins from , you will get a code in your account under download page. Please copy the code and paste in your account at under top up button.

How the software works?

Please refer user guide at

Is the prediction accurate?

All the prediction results are processed by our A.I. Prediction Formula based. There are no 100% accurate always. Please use it wisely and at your responsibility.

Why prediction result is delay?

Sometimes the result may delay due to the api delay , please stop for a while or switch to another games provider.

Can I refund?

Sorry, We do not support refund. Please try at minimum Coins and commit if you are confident to our software.

Special approach

Top up Coins?

Please purchase Coins Here

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